Appian Manufacturing Corporation is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Ohio. Appian Manufacturing Corporation is solely owned by Necco Inc., Japan, a well established company founded in 1949 servicing the high temperature electric, vacuum and ultrasonic heating furnace markets and the hydraulic piping components industries.

Appian Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1990 to provide quality high and low pressure hydraulic lines to the construction equipment markets. Appian Manufacturing Corporation specializes in the bending and fabrication of mechanical, hydraulic and lubrication tube assemblies meeting SAE, ASTM and JIS specifications. Appian Manufacturing Corporation excels in made-to spec OEM assemblies.

Appian Manufacturing Corporation is conveniently and strategically located in Columbus, Ohio, the heart of the mid west. Appian Manufacturing Corporation’s corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in the South East Industrial Park and total 90,000 square feet of space. Customer products ranging from one foot to almost twenty feet in length are easily maneuvered and processed within the facility.

Appian Manufacturing Corporation prides itself in its effective operations and in depth knowledge of various fabrication processes. From cutoff to welding to NDT testing to bending, to finishing to final packaging, Appian Manufacturing’s high attention to detail earns our customers’ excellent satisfaction. Appian Manufacturing Corporation’s knowledgeable engineering staff strives to provide customers with cost effective alternatives to their product needs. This effective interface nurtures long term business relationships and customer confidence.

Appian Manufacturing Corporation understands the importance of producing the highest quality products possible as business and long term relationships develop. Appian Manufacturing Corporation’s management realized that a sound Quality Management System was imperative to continually exceed customer expectations. In 1999, Appian Manufacturing Corporation successfully became ISO 9001 certified and continues to excel in Quality, Delivery and Customer Support!